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Love Horoscope

December 21, 2011

You need to reach out to someone and make sure they’re getting what they need — you are at your best in a supporting role today. Your mate or a good friend might need some special attention.

Communication Horoscope

December 15, 2011

Try to get your message out in a new way today — even if you’ve been trying for ages! It’s such a good time for creative communication that you can get away with blowing off responsibilities.

Progress Horoscope

December 5, 2011

It’s harder than usual for you to make progress today — but don’t let that get you down! You may need to try something a little different to kick-start your next big move, or you may just need to wait it out.

Sweet Horoscope

December 4, 2011

Your sweet, playful spirit is making life much more interesting for your friends and family. See if you can get them to play along without your having to explain all the rules beforehand.

Grateful Horoscope

November 4, 2011

Take time to really appreciate what you’ve got — even if things seem rather dim right now! You’re better off that you realize, and turning around your attitude is key to improving your situation.

Lazy Horoscope

October 4, 2011

It’s one of those slow days when it seems like nobody wants to get any work or chores done — and that includes you! Of course, if you’ve got responsibilities, then you need to figure out how to take care of them.

Homework Horoscope

October 1, 2011

Do your homework today — then get busy with the next big thing! You need to listen to as many others as possible before making any big decisions, though, so seek input from all sides.

A Horoscope

September 5, 2011

You’ve got plenty to think about today — but your mind just can’t stay focused! It’s not that big a deal, because you should know by now that your side paths lead to some amazing places.

My Horoscope

August 7, 2011

Try not to get too hung up on people’s precise words today — you of all people should know better than to do that! Ambiguity rules the day, so misunderstandings are that much more likely.

Tomorrow’s Horoscope

August 1, 2011

Share your concerns with friends — they are much more sympathetic than you would have dreamed. It’s a great day for you to get something big off of your chest, though communication may be more poetic than direct.